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AAE Arizona Archery Max Bond Glue 20g
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AAE Max Bond Glue is specifically formulated for the Arizona Plastifletch Max and Max Hunter vanes. This glue also works well with Elite Plastifletch and most other plastic vanes. Max Bond is a high-viscosity liguid that is easy to work with and penetrates well when using the tough Elastimax materia..
Designed for securely gluing vanes and feathersAppropriate for aluminium, carbon, wood and fiberglass shafts Slow curing glue where bond increases over timeFlexable and durableClamp for 5 minuites and glue cures fully in 48 hours..
Suitable for all shaft types, but particularly good for carbon shafts that do not tolerate higher temperatures so wellEasy to apply and heat reversable - easily change or replace components without damaging shaftsMelts at a lower temperature than most similar products so you dont have to e..
Die cast alloyAll Metal partsPowerful commercial style magnet for precise and uniform placement of vanes or feathers. Easy to use dials on both ends of the jig to adjust your angle of fletching within seconds. Self-centering arrow cradleFletching spacing of 120 degrees 3 fletch, 75 degrees..
Bohning Archery Arrow Fletcher Pro Class Straight
Jig with adjustable clamp that can be set to any offset Alternative clamps available separately to cater to all your arrow options (see related products below)Can be adjusted for use with all shaft sizes (not suitable for swedged end shafts without nock)Suitable for plastic or feather fletching..
Bitzenburger’s Fletching Jig has long been the choice of do-it-yourself archers. With it, you can put three or four fletchings on any arrow shaft. The large dial keeps the spacing between fletchings perfect every time. Allen screws on the top and bottom of the clamp magnet allow adjustments to the a..
Beiter Archery Wing-Holder - Right
The Beiter Wing-Holder is designed to be the ideal complement to the functionality of the Beiter Tri-Liner. While the Beiter Tri-Liner allows to draw precise lines to be able to fletch vanes (e.g. Spin Wings™, Rite Flite™, Kurly Vanes™...): now, with the Beiter Wing-Holder, you can easily and p..
Economically priced fletching jig to make you our own arrowsScale for feather placement - Lightweight aluminum constructionEasily fits in bowcase for easy storage - Available for straight fletch only..
Removing fletchings, adhesive residue, and wraps is a breeze with Bohning's The Strip-Pro.It features a top and side blade for ergonomic versatility with a safety notch.The blades are steel and the handle is made of heavy duty composite.Replacement blades available...
This is a quality, well made fletching jig and fletches arrows in the upright position.Can fletch both at 90 and 120 degrees for two, three or four fletched arrows and bolts.Jig has a solid base and strong magnetic straight clamp.Cartel Midas Metal Fletching Jig with magnetic straight clamp...
Use even less glue for maximum cure timeInstant glue for fletching vanes, feathers and nocksExcellent for all shaft typesClamp time is a mere 15 seconds with full cure time in only 2 hours1 oz. bottle..
Bohning Archery Arrow Flecther 3-Fletch Tower Bohning Archery Arrow Flecther 3-Fletch Tower
Highly adjustable to allow for flething at three different angles; straight, 1° right offset and 3° right helical.Time saving, place three fletches at once, design with perfect 120° spacing every timeIncludes multiple centre posts to fit almost any arrow: standard, pin nock, F nock, H..
Special clamp design allows for perfect fletch alignment very time.High quality construction in stainless steel and durable plastic.Colour coded components for easy use.Left or right offset.Suitable for most arrow diameters – from .166 to 27 series.Three or four fletch configurations possible.Includ..
Magnetic fletching jig with straight clampLight weight but sturdy aluminium constructionClamp has engraved scale for accurate placement of vanesCan be used for 3, 4 or 6 fletchingSuitable to fletch recurve or compound arrowsScrew holes in base plate allow for jig to be screwed to a base (not su..
Optimised for installing arrow points and inserts.Provides a durable and impact resistant bond.Suitable for all aluminium and wooden shafts.Heat reversible bond for adjustment, replacement or removal.12g stick sufficient for installing approximately 144 inserts...
Used to mark the exact position for fletching vanes on arrow shafts...
Fletch 6 arrows at once Ideal for club use speeds up repairs.Allows for 3 and 4 fletching up to 4" vanes/feathersCan be adjusted for vane anglesStrong magnetic clampsRequires assembly..
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