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100% polyester, similar to DacronBetter durability and very low stretch compared to dacronAvailable in solid colors.Recommended strand count: 12-16 for recurves, 22-26 for older crossbows..
100% SK75 Dyneema® fiber.Highest speed and higher durability; preferred by some compound shooters - particularly 3D.Also the choice of Olympic style recurve shooters worldwide.Recommended strands: 18-22Approximate feet per pound waxed: 8,200..
Angel Archery Bowstring Material ASB Majesty Pro String Material 250m
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HMPE(High Modulus Polyethylene) has always been the optimum material for an archery string.The superior characteristics of HMPE have developed into "ASB Majesty". "ASB Majesty" is the premier string for your bow.Diameter : 0.41mm (0.016 inches)Majesty string and strands:14 to 18 strands for recurve ..
BCY Archery Bowstring Material 452X 1/4 Lbs BCY Archery Bowstring Material 452X 1/4 Lbs
67% SK75 Dyneema®  33% Vectran.Good arrow speedMore strand count flexibility and better looking two color stringsNo creep; completely stableRecommended strand count: 22-24 for compound bows...
Made 100% from the #1 quality Dyneema fiber - SK99Low CreepSmaller diameter for a smoother, rounder stringHigher strength, high durabilityRecommended strands: 32-34 for compounds, 2 or 4 less for recurvesApproximate feet per pound waxed: 13,000..
Brownell Bowstring Material Dacron B50 1/4 Lbscheck available color with our sales person..
80% SK99 Highest Quality Dyneema - 20% Vectran. All the benefits and performance of BCY-X. When compared to BCY-X, the smaller diameter of X-99 means more strands are needed for a finished Bowstring (+2/4). Good for Compound Bows and Recurves.No CreepGood Arrow SpeedLow fuzzinessHigh ..
BCY Bowstring Material Formula 8125G has some slight improvements on the 8125.It is 92% SK75 Dyneema, 8% GORE fiber. It should bring higher speed and higher durability; preferred by some compound shooters - particularly 3D. Also the choice of Olympic style recurve shooters.Recommended strands: 18App..
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