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• Softens at a low temperature • Easy & fast saturation • Penetrates string fibers very well • 3 Gram Tube..
Protect, feel and sense your recurve, traditional and compound bowstring: the Flex Sense & Feel wax does not only protect your bowstring, but also gives a nice odor. Supplied in a convenient display.Seven colours match eight fragrances:White: No OdorWhite: Tropical CocoYellow: Sun LemonPink..
Based on natural products.Protects your bowstring from wear and weather.Odourless and waterproof formulation.Can also be used on screw threads for screw in points to prevent them loosening...
Bohning Archery Wax Seal-Tite
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Silicon based string wax protects your bowstring from wear and weather.Oudourless and waterproof formulation.Can also be used on insert nocks for easier insertion and indexing...
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