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No chance of bending this clicker. It's made of carbon. It's also going to be stiffer than other materials.New re-enforced blade has arched shape to allow easy arrow nocking without lifting the clicker Carbon clicker is stiffer and more consistentKeeps its shape even if bent all the way outMake..
Win&Win Archery Clicker Carbon
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Clear click sound.Durable carbon fibre material.Easy to make precision adjustments.6-32 thread...
Simple and effective design.Multiple fixing holes for length adjustment.Plastic tip eliminates friction on the arrow.6-32 fixing screw included...
High quality carbon clicker.Durable carbon for consistent performance.Metal cap for clear click sound.Several colours available.6/32 thread size (screw included)...
• Precisely machined stainless steel clicker• Provides accurate and stable timing when aiming• Ergonomically designed to allow for easy tightening or re-adjusting• Available: 6 x 32 thread pitch..
Krossen Archery Xenia Clicker
Multiple mounting holes for very adjustable length.Spring steel design.Plastic tip to prevent arrow damage and noise during the draw.6-32 thread size...
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