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Infitec Archery

Versatile vibration absorbing rubber damperGreat for using on the ends of stabilizers and side rodsDesigned to accept the conversion screw 1/4"-20 to 5/16"-24 to be installed directly to the riserWeight: 56 grams, (865 grains)..
Breathable mesh material.Double layered for extra protection.Adjustable, comfort fit.  Buckle closure.Various colours available...
Durable all metal construction.Heavy duty components.Infinitely adjustable blade angle with reference marks.Three blades included.Various colours available...
Infitec Archery Nexus Edge 3 Stabilizer Set Infitec Archery Nexus Edge 3 Stabilizer Set
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• Perfectly balanced and stable carbon tube stabilizer• Slim profile is great for shooting in the wind• Built in rubber dampening system absorbs shock• Outside diameter: 15mm Include: 1 long stabililizer, 2 short stabilizer,1 v bar and 1 extender..
Infitec Archery Weight Crux Stainless Steel
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Crux Stainless weights are 1 3/16in diameter disk weights which can be stacked for a custom balanced setup. Each weight comes with a pack of Allen set screws of various lengths...
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